Scenarios for Construction

July 3, 2017

In this post, we give an extended account of an example use case of our application, Scenarios: modelling the labour costs and budget of an urban construction task. Read more


March 2, 2017

This post was inevitable. Over the last few months, communication for and about our company has been very much a mixed bag. Some parties understand exactly what we do and why it's needed, and wish us luck; others have a sense of the space in the field that we occupy, but don't fully understand what makes Invrea unique; and still others have no idea what kind of needs Invrea is aiming to address, what kinds of problems we aim to solve... Read more

Reprisal: Models, Data, and AI

December 9, 2016

The team at Invrea believes that in all the hype about 'big data' tasks and artificial intelligence, there is a crucial piece of the discussion that is often missing. Read more

Small Data: or, Decision Making Under Massive Uncertainty

November 21, 2016

Big Data is easy. Read more

Confusing the Inverse

November 1, 2016

Statistics and probability are complicated. Here at Invrea, we are acutely aware of that. Partially because it's what we spend most of our time doing, and partially because much of the time we're not doing it, we're trying to explain what we've done to others. Since much of our statistics work is now available to beta users in release 1.4.0, we thought it would make sense to put out another blog post doing a little more explaining. Read more

Invrea Scenarios: What does it do?

August 11, 2016

Although you can do some pretty cool things straight off the bat with our plugin (see Olympics predictions and management software), it takes some time to understand what exactly is happening under the covers? What is an ACTUAL? Why do cells have GAUSSIAN or UNIFORM distributions in them? In this short post, we want to take the time to go through both the mathematicals and the syntax behind Invrea Scenarios in the context of a very simple spreadsheet. Read more

Invrea as a Management Tool

August 10, 2016

One of the more popular uses of Invrea is as a state-of-the-art management toolkit built natively in Excel. Every business, small or large, has a constantly flowing stream of bills and invoices that determine the company's monetary balance at any point in time. And as a business, it is paramount to create a robust budget plan to schedule payments and invoice deadlines in a fashion that reduces risk of running out of money. But that doesn't have to be a difficult task: Invrea Scenarios provides an easy way to create such a budget schedule that will change and grow along with your business. Read more

Olympics Gold Medal Predictions

August 8, 2016

Now that the Olympics have kicked off in Rio, many of us at Invrea are wondering which country will win the most Gold medals by August 21st. We put together a spreadsheet using Invrea Scenarios and probabilities (of each country winning an event) derived from BetFair prices for everyone to play with. In this post, we describe the setup of our spreadsheet, how Invrea Scenarios can possibly predict this, and who we think is going to win each event. You can download the beta product of Scenarios for free, and follow along as the Olympics events unfold. Read more

Olympic Tennis Predictions

August 7, 2016

Our mission at Invrea is to make machine learning easy to use and accessible to everyone. Our Scenarios plugin can be used to make decisions about current events and every-day decisions. To demonstrate this, we replicated the Olympics tennis draw in a spreadsheet. Using the plugin, we predicted probabilities for each of the ATP tour players to win based on their ATP points and ranking. This posts details how we did it in Excel, a brief introduction into the Invrea Scenarios plugin, and who we think you should put your money on this year. You can download the beta product of Scenarios for free, and follow along as the tournament begins. Read more

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